About Gone Wishing

A remarkable interactive storybook experience about a tiny genie with a giant secret.

Discover the hidden world of wish-craft. Meet genies, leprechauns, fairies, and the super secret Shooting Star Service. Learn what really happens after you blow out the birthday candles and make a wish. Where do all those coins from the wishing well go?

Meet the Mimbles - a family of wish-granting legends who gave the world wonders like fire, suspenders and cotton candy. And meet their youngest son Jacob, a tiny genie who was born to continue the family tradition. Except that Jacob has a giant secret and an even bigger problem - he's the first genie ever who can't make a single wish come true.

Gone Wishing is a deliciously fun look into a never-before-seen world of magic and miracles, in which the tiny genie will have to figure out how to make magic without any magic abilities - before his terrible secret is out.

Made by ...
Luka Lorenci
Luka Lorenci, Writer
When not collecting pennies and stinky wishbones, Luka has had quite a career in the Space Exploration and Research Program. He divides his time between spinning on the 20G centrifuge at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA, and diving in the weightless tanks of Star City, Russia. Well, at least he's wishing he was. So he continues to collect pennies and stinky wishbones. In the summer, you can catch him at his favorite place in the world, Jadrija, where he's counting those brilliant shooting stars.
Matej Jenko
Matej Jenko, Illustrator
Matej Jenko is an illustrator who is spending his time stretched between the deadlines given by advertizing agencies and film crews. Occasionally he manages to prepare a meal that has more than two colors and saves up enough time to finish a project close to his heart. During the making of Gone Wishing he lost five pounds and one girlfriend. He lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You are invited to visit his portfolio at www.matej-jenko.com.
Oskar Mohar
Oskar Mohar, Coder
FI Production
FI Production, Publisher
Fi Production is a film and video production company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Its mission is development and nurture of talent in all areas of creative industries with the support of the state-of-the-art production and post-production services and facilities they have to offer.