A stellar new app... The only wish readers may have when they finish with this app is for more content, like another title in the series. Highly recommended!
- Carisa Kluver,

A ‘masterpiece’! Absolutely stunning illustrations, animation, sound track and sound effects.
- Michel Lent Schwartzman,

An utterly gorgeous visual delight... Sometimes an ebook comes along that makes you gasp out loud with delight, and clap your hands like a small child.
- Tania McCartney,

Honestly, this is one of my favorite storybook apps ever!
- TheIphoneMom

The features in Gone Wishing finish second only to the fun loving story... You will never get bored with this book.
- JJ McMahon,

This app is sure to ignite the imagination. 5/5 Stars.

Famigo APProved badge for Best Educational iPad Apps