Main Characters

• Gorgeous illustrations with stunning animation

• Loads of awesome interactions on every single page

• Be part of the Wish Collection Unit in
two brilliant find hidden objects games

• Make magic - interact with genies,
fairies and other wish-granting experts

• Play drums, trumpets and clarinets

• Have fun unlocking the many gates to
the gargantuan Vault of Wishes

• Rub magic lamps, discover secret
wishing wells, build bikes and make
ponies explode!

• Connect with a book like never before.
Discover the amazing Make-a-Wish
feature. It will make you want to read
the story again and again

• See what other readers from around
the world are wishing for

• Send your wish to your favourite
wish-granting characters from the
book, and share your wishes with
friends and family

• Three ways of reading. Listen to
narration, explore and read at your
own pace, or enjoy the auto-play mode

• Surprises? You bet

The Story

Discover the hidden world of wish-craft. Meet genies, leprechauns, fairies, and the super secret Shooting Star Service.

Meet the Mimbles - a family of wish-granting legends who gave the world wonders like fire, suspenders and cotton candy. And meet their youngest son Jacob, a tiny genie who was born to continue the family tradition. Except that Jacob has a giant secret and an even bigger problem - he's the first genie ever who can't make a single wish come true.

Gone Wishing is a deliciously fun look into a never-before-seen world of magic and miracles, in which the tiny genie will have to figure out how to make magic without any magic abilities - before his terrible secret is out.